AOKP for Leeco Pro 3
xyyx 301cf7546f LockscreenCharging: squashed (2/3) 5 years ago
adb allow adb to remount symlink mount points 4 years ago
adf Merge "Add OWNERS." am: 3289b9c928 am: 515c8fe572 5 years ago
base Allow android::base::ScopeGuard in STL containers 4 years ago
bootstat Make bootstat container-friendly 4 years ago
cpio Possible null pointer miss on realloc 5 years ago
debuggerd Core: AOKPie 4 years ago
demangle bpfmt. 5 years ago
fastboot Wipe metadata when we wipe userdata and cache. 4 years ago
fs_mgr fs_mg: allow getting VBMeta Digest from device-tree 4 years ago
gatekeeperd Revert "Restore "Add UID parameter to authentication token"" 5 years ago
healthd LockscreenCharging: squashed (2/3) 4 years ago
include Move android_filesystem_config.h => fs_config.h 5 years ago
init Fix loading ueventd.${ro.hardware}.rc. 4 years ago
libappfuse Stop using SO_SNDBUFFORCE 4 years ago
libasyncio bpfmt. 5 years ago
libbacktrace Add a MemoryOfflineBuffer object. 4 years ago
libbinderwrapper libbinderwrapper: -> Android.bp 5 years ago
libcrypto_utils Mark the modules as VNDK in Android.bp 5 years ago
libcutils Update permissions to the superuser binary 4 years ago
libdiskconfig Rename target.linux[_x86[_64]] to target.linux_glibc[_x86[_64]] 5 years ago
libgrallocusage Use -Werror in system/core 5 years ago
libion libion: save errno value 4 years ago
libkeyutils Add libkeyutils. 5 years ago
liblog liblog: expect content only if ro.logd.kernel is enabled 4 years ago
libmemtrack Add OWNERS. 5 years ago
libmemunreachable Make memunreachable_test more robust against false negative leaks 4 years ago
libmetricslogger Add cwren to libmetricslogger OWNERS 4 years ago
libnativebridge bpfmt. 5 years ago
libnativeloader Support product-specific libraries 4 years ago
libnetutils Merge "Add OWNERS." am: 3289b9c928 5 years ago
libpackagelistparser bpfmt. 5 years ago
libpixelflinger MIPS[64]: codeflinger: Fix build due to unused variable warnings 5 years ago
libprocessgroup Make per-application memcg hierarchy configurable via a property 4 years ago
libprocinfo bpfmt. 5 years ago
libqtaguid Redirect qtaguid native call to netd fwmark client 5 years ago
libsparse <stdbool.h> not necessary in C++. 5 years ago
libstats Move libstatssocket from frameworks/base to system/core/ 4 years ago
libsuspend Add force_suspend function 5 years ago
libsync Merge "libsync: Add fence info tests" 5 years ago
libsystem camera: Add L-compatible camera feature enums 4 years ago
libsysutils libsysutils: Allow building static library 4 years ago
libunwindstack Fix bug when doing signal handler lookup. 4 years ago
libusbhost Merge "Remove urb request size maximum." am: 1cb765c867 am: 1ab6e9d018 5 years ago
libutils utils: Threads: Handle empty thread names 4 years ago
libvndksupport bpfmt. 5 years ago
libziparchive Merge "Remove empty zip warning on host builds" am: fd42c09813 4 years ago
lmkd lmkd: Do not set soft_limit_in_bytes on high-end devices 4 years ago
logcat logcat: Map '-C' to 'logcat -v color' 4 years ago
logd logd: notify kernel log readers of new messages 4 years ago
logwrapper Build /vendor/bin/logwrapper too. 4 years ago
mkbootimg mkbootimg: add 32K 64K and 128K pagesizes 4 years ago
property_service Verify the SELabels used in property_contexts 4 years ago
qemu_pipe Add OWNERS. 5 years ago
reboot reboot: only pause indefinitely for non-shutdown operations 5 years ago
rootdir Merge branch 'pie-gsi' of into HEAD 4 years ago
run-as run-as: Keep supplementary groups. 5 years ago
sdcard sdcard: Allow building as a static library 4 years ago
shell_and_utilities Build /vendor/bin/logwrapper too. 4 years ago
storaged storaged: lower capabilities in init 4 years ago
toolbox bsdgrep: for -r, use the working directory if none specified 4 years ago
trusty Merge "bpfmt." am: 0609e8d231 am: b57755c429 5 years ago
usbd bpfmt. 5 years ago
.clang-format Add a 2 width option of clang format. 5 years ago
.clang-format-2 Only allow short functions in class definitions. 5 years ago
.clang-format-4 Only allow short functions in class definitions. 5 years ago
.gitignore Ignore adb/*.pyc files 7 years ago
Android.bp Export android_filesystem_config.h as a filegroup 6 years ago Remove the simulator target from all makefiles. 11 years ago Add files to 4 years ago
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 9 years ago
NOTICE Fix omission in NOTICE file. 9 years ago
OWNERS Add OWNERS. 5 years ago
PREUPLOAD.cfg Add a PREUPLOAD.cfg file to run git-clang-format on every commit 5 years ago Fix warning on the build servers 5 years ago