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tribual 9d1bece7a1 msm8996: Enable burn-in protection 1 year ago
audio msm8996-common: Restore audio tuning mixer control 2 years ago
bluetooth msm8996-common: Fix build of our bluetooth header 1 year ago
camera msm8996-common: Replace libcamera_client to 1 year ago
configpanel msm8996-common: Set LOCAL_SDK_VERSION where possible. 1 year ago
configs msm8996-common: Fix typo from CodeAurora in the QTI whitelist 1 year ago
consumerir msm8996-common: Convert IR HAL into a native binderized HAL 2 years ago
data-ipa-cfg-mgr msm8996-common: Update IPACM for P release 1 year ago
doze msm8996-common: Doze: Add missing preference listeners 1 year ago
gps msm8996-common: Abandon deprecated OEM AID's 1 year ago
init msm8996-common: Update init extension to work with 8.1 2 years ago
keylayout msm8996-common: Decommonize obvious device-specific stuff 3 years ago
libhidl msm8996-common: Move HIDL shims to vendor 2 years ago
light msm8996-common: light: mark as shutdown critical 1 year ago
lineagehw/src/org/lineageos/hardware msm8996-common: Adapt for local LineageHW java overlays 1 year ago
overlay msm8996: Enable burn-in protection 1 year ago
overlay-lineage msm8996-common: Update call recording overlay. 1 year ago
pocketmode msm8996-common: Set LOCAL_SDK_VERSION where possible. 1 year ago
readfem msm8996-common: Move readmac and readfem to /vendor 2 years ago
readmac msm8996-common: readmac: fix build with VNDK=current 1 year ago
recovery msm8996-common: Fix build of librecovery_updater_xiaomi 1 year ago
rootdir msm8996-common: ueventd: Don't modify permissions of /dev/hw_random 1 year ago
seccomp msm8996-common: Allow mediaextractor mremap syscall 2 years ago
sepolicy msm8996-common: sepolicy: Label /data/connectivity(/.*)? 1 year ago
vndk msm8996-common: Migrate to versioned VNDK layout 1 year ago
wifi msm8996-common: wifi: Restore previous WiFi offload setting 2 years ago msm8996-common: add slpi symlinks 2 years ago msm8996-common: Set SELinux to permissive 1 year ago msm8996-common: Transform into common tree 3 years ago
compatibility_matrix.xml msm8996-common: Add common compatibility matrix 2 years ago
config.fs msm8996-common: Prefix AID with VENDOR_ 1 year ago msm8996-common: Treble sucks 1 year ago
lineage.dependencies msm8996-common: Remove device/qcom/common dependency 2 years ago
manifest.xml msm8996-common: "un"binder sensor and power for now - no boot 1 year ago msm8996-common: Disable telephony-ext for now 1 year ago
proprietary-files.txt msm8996-common: Disable CNE for now 1 year ago msm8996-common: releasetools: Make modem check more user friendly 2 years ago msm8996-common: Generate treble-compatible makefiles 2 years ago msm8996-common: Add unpinning support to script 2 years ago msm8996-common: Set vendor security patch level using VENDOR_SECURITY_PATCH 1 year ago

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Common device tree for Xiaomi MSM8996 based devices