21 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Marshall 3db9224843 Add libjni_latinimegoogle for aosp keyboard gesture typing 9 months ago
  Tom Marshall c31924a4b7 Do not include comms suite in minimal 9 months ago
  Tom Marshall d4507b912e Set launcher back to Launcher3 9 months ago
  Nolen Johnson 06f2507fa9 gms: overlays: GmsDocumentsUIOverlay: Set as much to use FilesGoogle as we can 4 months ago
  Nolen Johnson 699b2896dc gms: Don't override DocumentsUI with FilesGoogle, hide it instead 4 months ago
  Bruno Martins 2b6a99cfc8 gms: apps: GoogleRestore: State optional-libraries in use 6 months ago
  Nolen Johnson e8187886b0 gms: products: Don't include Duo 6 months ago
  Nolen Johnson 468fd0bf03 gms: apps_go: FilesGoogle: State optional-libraries in use 6 months ago
  Bruno Martins 3319ca9f61 gms: apps_go: Let FilesGoogle override DocumentsUI 6 months ago
  Bruno Martins 0293a3df38 gms: Stop relying on exported vars for ATV and Automotive targets 9 months ago
  Nolen Johnson 418183b78f gms: Make DeskClock/Calendar icons live 10 months ago
  Nolen Johnson 4047038ebe gms: apps: AndroidSystemIntelligence: Override Pixel version 10 months ago
  Alexander Koskovich c1a0684ace gms: Move backup provider overlay to an RRO package 11 months ago
  Nolen Johnson 3cbc0ba2a2 gms: products: Exclude system items from artifact path requirement 1 year ago
  Nolen Johnson 0260992f40 gms: Override LineageOS apps with their GMS counterparts 1 year ago
  Nolen Johnson 3c0b29fdd7 gms: products: Introduce gms_minimal (non-GO) product 1 year ago
  Nolen Johnson 1c166d9232 gms: products: Build FilesGoogle for all variants 1 year ago
  Nolen Johnson 178b25676d gms: products: Don't build reference packages 1 year ago
  Nolen Johnson 1829d2e244 gms: Convert der files from module to file copy 1 year ago
  Nolen Johnson 29db0bace4 gms: Guard against WITH_GMS_{CAR,TV} 1 year ago
  El Goog 15aa13af06 Import gms-oem-T-13-202209.zip 6 months ago