5839 Commits (lineage-16.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alessandro Astone 548d6c8d31 recovery: Allow custom bootloader msg offset in block misc 4 years ago
  Christopher N. Hesse 19fe08051a Add runtime checks for A/B vs traditional updates 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall c83ed2b195 recovery: Scale logo image if necessary 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 346257170a recovery: minui: Implement image scaling 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 7dd1fe8874 recovery: Allow bypassing signature verification on non-release builds 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 458a9e46dc recovery: Allow detecting user/release build at compile time 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 18335308ae recovery: Rework sideload threading code for flexibility 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall b54bc2dadb recovery: Allow device specific backlight path 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall d8d9e12025 recovery: Add statusbar margin for panels with rounded corners 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall aa0dbafe16 recovery: Do not show emulated when data is encrypted 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 41547c3131 recovery: Fix redraws, flickering, and animation 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 93a7ed3a41 recovery: Add awk lib and driver 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 9a584e690a recovery: Respect margins in background and foreground screens 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 1508130fc2 recovery: New install/progress animation 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall f5aee5ca21 recovery: Graphical UI 4 years ago
  Vitalii Kulikov 57ad5e4e94 minui: Skip EV_REL input devices. 6 years ago
  Steve Kondik 3ea8fb5755 sr: Add performance control 8 years ago
  Vojtech Bocek ba674cf8e7 recovery: init: mount pstore fs 8 years ago
  Arnav Gupta 65c27a9f1f minui: accept RGBA and treat it as RGBX 7 years ago
  Pat Erley e14ea1ae5b recovery: Enable the menu for User builds 7 years ago
  Michael Bestas 1ba76b8443 recovery: Remove "Supported API" message 7 years ago
  Brint E. Kriebel b7641b6bcf update-binary: support reboot_now on older recoveries 7 years ago
  Daniel Hillenbrand c0fc606655 minui: support to pan display (FBIOPAN_DISPLAY) 7 years ago
  Andreas Blaesius ad2d451184 recovery: Allow devices to reboot to download mode 7 years ago
  Tom Marshall 79b4168bd4 sr: updater: Fix multi-stage docs 8 years ago
  Tom Marshall 67391b1313 sr: Dejank the menus, fix colors 8 years ago
  Steve Kondik 0ef8c0dcf2 sr: Fix the progress bar 8 years ago
  Tom Marshall e9b32c46a0 sr: Return to main menu after selection 8 years ago
  Dan Pasanen 8ef9f9ec6a recovery: Add wipe system partition option 5 years ago
  Tom Marshall 629d596ba2 recovery: Provide caching for sideload files 8 years ago
  Tom Marshall b76ac87825 recovery: bu: Implement backup/restore 7 years ago
  Tom Marshall c81eba62db recovery: Provide sideload cancellation 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall f88d0f5f7e Blank screen during shutdown and reboot 5 years ago
  Tom Marshall 2be10173bf recovery: Implement a volume manager 4 years ago
  Matt Mower f4ab0db1e0 sr: Allow device-specific recovery modules 8 years ago
  Matt Mower 716fcac1b0 sr: Include vendor init trigger 7 years ago
  Tom Marshall dd115ccded recovery: Add resize2fs, tune2fs to fstools 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall db68a4829c recovery: Add fstools 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 50836d7f28 sr: Enable gunzip/gzip/unzip/zip commands 4 years ago
  Steve Kondik cc2c33b8b5 sr: Puke out an /etc/fstab so stuff like busybox/toybox is happy 9 years ago
  Tom Marshall 1ef27d0dce recovery: ui: Support hardware virtual keys 5 years ago
  Tom Marshall 27b048c6be recovery: ui: Minor cleanup for touch code 5 years ago
  Tom Marshall 2f3870fce2 recovery: ui: Default to touch enabled 5 years ago
  Steve Kondik b03e33f71f sr: Get a proper shell environment in recovery 9 years ago
  Tom Marshall 52abf7f5a9 recovery: Remove HOST_OS guard for f2fs tools 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 45cb2a2820 Revert "recovery: Fork a process for fuse when sideloading from SD card." 5 years ago
  Luca Stefani 7fb9acbf61 Make adb use a custom prop for adb root 4 years ago
  Dan Pasanen fe2901b144 update_verifier: skip verity to determine successful on lineage builds 5 years ago
  Stricted c8e6d159d6 recovery: updater: Fix SymlinkFn args 4 years ago
  Jaegeuk Kim 6b4d9a9560 uncrypt: fix f2fs ioctl argument for pin_file 4 years ago