137 Commits (aokp-oreo)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Marshall 9182283239 tulip: Move audio_platform_info.xml to vendor 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 05d887bbd7 SQUASH: tulip: Fix path for init.qcom.bt.sh 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 98e83f38a2 tulip: init: Remove context for hciattach 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 6b40f40ea4 tulip: Rework lights 1 year ago
  TheScarastic 329727f96f mido: Add custom biometrics 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall cb679e93b8 tulip: AOKPify 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall 280760a164 tulip: Fix TWRP fstab for sdcard, otg 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall a848d52725 tulip: Fix vendor mismatch 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall b2a3c06bab tulip: Fix some selinux denials 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 6208c4c909 tulip: Default OMX service to non-Treble 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 86cef356a6 tulip: twrp: Fix typo in seclabel 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 68ba02ee27 manifest: Try to fix camera 1 year ago
  Michael Bestas 640af3f71c ether: twrp: Fix decrypt after moving ueventd.rc to vendor 1 year ago
  Michael Bestas 6978631b7a ether: twrp: Set ro.board.platform in init 1 year ago
  Woody Lin 51222e91fa ether: init: symlink platform/soc/${ro.boot.bootdevice} to bootdevice 4 years ago
  Tom Marshall 5ce0dbb1e7 tulip: Use open source sensors multihal 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 442fe4a7de tulip: Switch sensors to passthrough 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 39258a0e50 DNM: permissive 1 year ago
  Jaime A Lopez-Sollano 90244823bd ether: PDR: Allow ril to access the locator and notifier services. 3 years ago
  Jiju Kinattingal 1ab8c652d7 ether: Allow rild to communicate with QMI LTE service 4 years ago
  Yuanyuan Liu 5164b2b7c9 ether: sec_config: Add security rule for WLFW service 3 years ago
  Rafeeqh Shaik 01dc4b32b2 ether: RILD access to new QMI HTTP service 3 years ago
  Mike Cailean d02c9cc977 ether: Allow QMID service to aquire net_raw permission 2 years ago
  Yuanyuan Liu 9065d109b1 ether: sec_config: Add system permission for DMS QMI service 3 years ago
  Chris Lew d8ca5b9128 ether: sec_config: Add 2901 to IPC Router config 2 years ago
  Chris Lew 48d5cbc6b8 ether: diag: Change access permission for DIAG services to new value 3 years ago
  Harikrishnan Hariharan af877ba178 tulip: Remove unnecessary net_raw/net_admin from location modules 3 years ago
  Shaikh Shadul 15bdb6991a ether: common: sec_config: Remove clients group id from sensors 2 years ago
  Mridul Singh 278c616d64 ether: Sensors: Allow access to Sensors services from Cameraserver. 3 years ago
  Ananda Kishore 2bbb32a215 ether: Sensors: Allow access to Sensors services from System Group 3 years ago
  Tom Marshall e53c63b84f tulip: init: Add system group to sensor service 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 313673f8b8 DNM: Use cm-14.1 branch for kernel deps 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 64336438cc tulip: Add shim for camera 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 0e362f39e0 tulip: Fix camera wrapper path 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall aaed537a9b squash: tulip: fix wpa_supplicant path 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 7559c00ddf tulip: Switch to built-in wlan module 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 06d845da40 tulip: Update wifi module path 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 272ae6d1a7 tulip: Kang CNE libraries from OP3 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 7d22da6fbb DNM: gapps 1 year ago
  Ethan Chen 9c67698f66 hiae: Allow power config to occur again 1 year ago
  Ethan Chen f16a90955d hiae: Don't use legacy power stats 2 years ago
  Ethan Chen ec360ff962 hiae: Remove implicit package 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall 628da753a9 tulip: Make bootdevice symlink 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall b1bded0b5d tulip: Convert shims to board flag 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall 4ab1a61977 tulip: Add atomic shim for gxfingerprint hal 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall 2f11f5acf5 tulip: Build shim for atomic operations 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall 34b25f2e79 tulip: init: Fix path for gx_fpd, sensors.qcom 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall bf5503e232 tulip: init: Remove qseeproxydaemon 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall a55e626349 tulip: init: Remove audiod 2 years ago
  Tom Marshall 478a71a9ca hiae -> tulip 2 years ago