725 Commits (pie)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  villarleg a03978ec99 Aokp: Build OmniJaws 1 year ago
  tribual 0b59d0566a AOKP: add some privapp-permissions to whitelist in org.omnirom.omniswitch 1 year ago
  villarleg af96eb61d6 Aokp: Build OmniSwitch 1 year ago
  tribual bcad40afcd AOKP: add some privapp-permissions to whitelist in com.android.systemui 1 year ago
  Christopher N. Hesse adb856c019 verity_tool: Implement status getter 2 years ago
  Nathan Chancellor f3e49d3e0a kernel.mk: Support kernels that use LTO 1 year ago
  Arekusu Rin 7466f7471c sensitive_pn: General update + new Bulgarian phone numbers 1 year ago
  villarleg 4cbdcdcdb7 configs/common: Cleanup 1 year ago
  Luca Stefani 40d115bb68 Add CDEX support for boot JAR files 1 year ago
  Michael Bestas e435a891cd kernel: Remove kernel{x}config 1 year ago
  Michael Bestas 132128eab6 kernel: Remove deprecated flag errors 1 year ago
  Sam Mortimer b106ae49e1 vendor/aokp: Remove kernel.mk headers generation 1 year ago
  Rashed Abdel-Tawab 8bb7070e33 aokp: Dynamically generate kernel headers using lineage generator 1 year ago
  Sam Mortimer 182afe0aa5 vendor/aokp: Add soong generator module type 1 year ago
  Rashed Abdel-Tawab 3fd560e7a8 lineage: Move some kernel definitions to BoardConfigKernel 1 year ago
  Paul Keith 721e68f376 Revert "soong_config: Add TARGET_NEEDS_PLATFORM_TEXT_RELOCATIONS" 1 year ago
  Michael Bestas 4ec2e08ebc kernel: Correct CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32 toolchain 1 year ago
  villarleg 6c704bfec0 Aokp: Move ROMControl privapp-permissions to whitelist 1 year ago
  Youhan Wang 1ceb139ab3 RJIO: Change Roaming protocal to IPV4V6. 3 years ago
  Meng Wang 2dd46f01fb apns: update RJIO APNs 3 years ago
  TheStrix ee375a6855 extract_utils: Fix output dex file name generated by vdexExtractor 1 year ago
  codeworkx 2e6e28517b extract_utils: add CDEX support via compact_dex_converter 1 year ago
  villarleg 898c297303 Aokp: Compile LockClock 1 year ago
  villarleg 4ba2869063 tools: Update roomservice to track Pie repos 1 year ago
  Han Wang ce72852553 overlay: Remove config_persistUsbDriveNotification 1 year ago
  Nvertigo 788a42c6cf apns: NOS: fix tethering and mms. 1 year ago
  codeworkx 5ad1fd8fa1 tools: update smali/baksmali to 2.2.5 1 year ago
  codeworkx 5239255153 tools: update vdexExtractor from 0.4.1 to 0.5.2 for P compat 1 year ago
  villarleg 87aee13391 aokp: Update to Pie 1 year ago
  villarleg e4245647f1 soong: Rename variables 1 year ago
  Paul Keith 285c07bc40 aokp: Use add_json_str_omitempty directive for TARGET_LD_SHIM_LIBS 1 year ago
  Danny Baumann e85e80aa80 soong_config: Allow process-specific override of target SDK version 1 year ago
  codeworkx d315ef1018 aokp: disable adb auth on eng build 1 year ago
  Sam Mortimer 7be86b81eb vendor/aokp: Add support for java source overlays 2 years ago
  Kevin F. Haggerty a612a7be01 soong_config: Allow extension of valid gralloc 1.0 buffer usage bits 1 year ago
  Rashed Abdel-Tawab f3f1f5e10c overlay/common: Unlock swipe gesture nav bar 2 years ago
  jhenrique09 abfa2f2917 overlay: Set searchbar and suggestion corner radius 1 year ago
  Ethan Chen 7aef00367b qcom_target: Add wlan-caf to CFI paths 1 year ago
  Adrian DC d0fb307adb repopick: Warn about empty commits instead of failing 1 year ago
  Rashed Abdel-Tawab 2ea3160ecd qcom: Declare PRODUCT_SOONG_NAMESPACES for HALs 1 year ago
  Rashed Abdel-Tawab e3e385d5fd aokp: Move QC board variables earlier 1 year ago
  Kevin F. Haggerty 854af7561f soong_config: Add add_json_str_omitempty function 1 year ago
  Bruno Martins af6b60f96b overlay/common: Do not show wallpaper attribution 1 year ago
  Luca Stefani 47a58e44e8 build: Add dtbo task 2 years ago
  Michael Bestas 17ec883d57 envsetup: Add githubremote function 2 years ago
  Luca Stefani 0a2fcd5767 Add rules for non platform apps that use hidden APIs 1 year ago
  LuK1337 68835d2700 privapp-permissions: Add FlipFlap permissions 1 year ago
  Bruno Martins d9710737ee soong_config: Remove extra spacing 1 year ago
  Ethan Chen cda765831b configs: Use standard inherit-product-if-exists for vendor/extra 1 year ago
  Joey f6f0a32c05 aokp: enable roundIcons by default 1 year ago