10 Commits (pie)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fan Zhang 76a0ef6adb Fix color lint baseline. 1 year ago
  Salvador Martinez 38c4b38740 Update color whitelist for check color repohook 2 years ago
  Maurice Lam 3e3b8a9618 Make GLIF theme default for confirm lock screen 2 years ago
  Andrew Sapperstein 0ff942e5de Delete unused layout: preference_importance_slider. 2 years ago
  Maurice Lam f5b42777c1 Support GLIF v3 for lock screen settings 2 years ago
  Fan Zhang d62835a5d4 Add a generic blue background on some homepage tiles 2 years ago
  Fan Zhang 925a4f8f79 Make homepage icons more colorful! 2 years ago
  Fan Zhang 46b5474be4 Update master switch style 2 years ago
  Phil Weaver 0db26b3a87 Add icons for color inversion and daltonizer 2 years ago
  jackqdyulei 5024a38965 Hook up lint color check to settings 2 years ago