44843 Commits (pie)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joey a6aedd8185 Settings: add Trust interface hook 1 year ago
  Joey c920163a35 Settings: fix dark style issues 1 year ago
  Joey 3e7592cad8 Settings: Hide AOSP theme-related controllers 1 year ago
  Matt Mower 17fe4e2f95 Settings - Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (2/3) 2 years ago
  LuK1337 8123c5686c Settings: Improve phone number preference ordering 9 months ago
  Shubham Singh 44c5c9d488 Settings: Allow users to switch between Pie/Oreo recents [3/3] 8 months ago
  Griffin Millender 7971951d08 Settings - Add double tap option to lockscreen shortcuts [2/2] 4 years ago
  fusionjack 2ce04e686a Settings - DSLV: Resize system icons to match vector drawable size 4 years ago
  rogersb11 90057bf885 Settings - Lockscreen shortcuts improvements [2/2] 3 years ago
  mydongistiny bfb5c2b705 Settings - dslv: Remove add icon. We already have a FAB 3 years ago
  westcripp a4cc1ec701 Settings - Add new lockscreen shortcus icons 3 years ago
  mydongistiny 44dc0c9c54 Settings - dslv: Bring in FAB for Lockscreen Shortcuts 3 years ago
  XXMrHyde 0466a1cda3 Settings - Slim DSLV improvement 3 years ago
  dankoman f363ac9d3d Settings - add user configurable lockscreen shortcuts [2/2] 4 years ago
  Lars Greiss 3b5c6b3574 Settings - Materialize DSLV 4 years ago
  Lars Greiss 73c7e1184e Settings - add dslv controller 5 years ago
  Lars Greiss 68510a10ec Settings - add central slim ActionListViewSettings class back... 4 years ago
  eray orçunus 4f173a2f8e lockscreen: Forward port option to pass swipe-up-to-unlock 2 years ago
  Michael Bestas 87cb19f9e2 Forward port pattern visibility settings (2/2) 4 years ago
  Michael Bestas 94930fe590 Settings: forward port lock pattern grid size (2/2) 5 years ago
  Fan Zhang a0b4452826 DO NOT MERGE Fix summary text for advanced button. 10 months ago
  Felipe Leon ee4846446e Settings: fix apn_editor carrier_enabled summaryOff string 9 months ago
  juwei 4362cadb68 Settings: Sim status and IMEI info are wrong if only sim2 inserted 1 year ago
  Luca Stefani 6241dfc876 Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10 8 months ago
  Adam Fisch cd76e402ff Settings - Add ROM Control quick link back into Settings 3 years ago
  Sam Mortimer b9f8496a97 Settings: Add LineageParts charging sound settings preference 2 years ago
  LuK1337 cf0a281086 Settings: Add high touch sensitivity and touchscreen hovering toggles 1 year ago
  LuK1337 d0a6c5333c Settings: Add kill app back button toggle 1 year ago
  Tom Marshall 5cf523e98a storage: Do not allow eject for volumes on non-removable disks 3 years ago
  Sean Hoyt b5fc8a9b4b Display correct device type in lock screen suggestion 9 months ago
  jenkins-84 ae2473de41 Settings - AOKP alpha image make it tintable with theme 2 years ago
  jenkins-84 ab6e46a16c Settings - AOKP version image 2 years ago
  STELIX fde9dec210 Settings - AOKPify 3 years ago
  villarleg 29a5fcce8b Revert "Settings: Add LineageOS legal info" 9 months ago
  villarleg e8286a4f16 Revert "Settings: Add contributors cloud to device info" 9 months ago
  villarleg 4c2c3cc215 Settings: Remove some LineageOS entries 9 months ago
  Steve Kondik f479a62f68 Settings: Add rotation settings 2 years ago
  Luca Stefani ca572d6f61 Settings: Hide lockdown in lockscreen settings 9 months ago
  Steve Kondik c55d96e204 Settings: Add advanced restart switch 2 years ago
  Wang Han b4468d815f Settings: Hide unsupported USB modes automatically 9 months ago
  Bruno Martins ab5e43f035 Settings: Allow devices to provide remote gesture preferences 1 year ago
  Zhao Wei Liew 5edddee056 Settings: gesture: Add LineageParts touchscreen gesture settings 2 years ago
  Rashed Abdel-Tawab f52a30fd2b Settings: Only show gesture navigation if device has a software nav bar 9 months ago
  Bruno Martins c240992b4c DevelopmentSettings: Hide OEM unlock by default 1 year ago
  Zhao Wei Liew 6183d22b5a Settings: battery: Add LineageParts perf profiles 2 years ago
  Danny Baumann 71d2fd46e3 Settings: Add back increasing ring feature (2/3). 1 year ago
  Roman Birg b5a5d5c30c Settings: Add LineageOS legal info 1 year ago
  Steve Kondik 52b1c862fd Settings: Add contributors cloud to device info 2 years ago
  LuK1337 1ebbbbc619 Settings: Add LineageOS entries into device info 10 months ago
  Adnan ee92bc3bc0 Settings: Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking (1/2). 4 years ago