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Joey 2ad188ddf1 Fw_base - SystemUI: Berry styles 4 years ago
apct-tests/perftests Enabled aggregated per-uid stats collection by default 4 years ago
api Fw_base - SlimSeekBarPreference refactor 4 years ago
cmds Update PageTypeInfoParser to be less restrictive. 4 years ago
config Stabilize hidden API lists 4 years ago
core Increase Zenmode max hour limit from 12 to 24 4 years ago
data Fw_base - [Squashed] Remove drawables and videos we don't need 4 years ago
docs Camera: update tonemap image in html doc 4 years ago
drm Merge "frameworks/base: use proper nativehelper headers" am: 826eafd958 am: 5c091dc944 5 years ago
graphics/java/android docs: repaired link to internal section 4 years ago
keystore Improve KeyChain documentation 4 years ago
libs Reduce log verbosity: Don't spam logcat 4 years ago
location DEBUG: Turn off some debugging we don't need. 4 years ago
lowpan frameworks/base: Set LOCAL_SDK_VERSION where possible. 4 years ago
media Fw_base - Delete Media Tests 4 years ago
native Move registration of AssetManager.mObject to zygote. 4 years ago
nfc-extras Fix link-type check warning on 4 years ago
obex OBEX: Avoid pre-sending CONTINUE for SRM enabled case 5 years ago
opengl/java remove unused private field 5 years ago
packages Fw_base - SystemUI: Berry styles 4 years ago
proto Fw_base - Fix Metrics 4 years ago
rs Merge "docs: fixing bug 36982027 and 30636712, typos" into oc-mr1-dev 4 years ago
samples/training/network-usage Remove unnecessary casts on calls to findViewById 5 years ago
sax frameworks/base: Set LOCAL_SDK_VERSION where possible. 4 years ago
services MountService: Prevent NPE with DropBoxManager 4 years ago
telecomm Fw_base - fix checkapi 4 years ago
telephony Fw_base - Suspend Actions [1/3] 4 years ago
test-base Merge "Build android.test.base/legacy against SDK" 4 years ago
test-legacy Build android.test.base/legacy against SDK 4 years ago
test-mock Require READ_CALL_LOG permission to see phone numbers in phone state. 4 years ago
test-runner Merge "frameworks/base: Set LOCAL_SDK_VERSION where possible." 4 years ago
tests Clear IPv4 address on tethering teardown. 4 years ago
tools Fw_base - aapt: Default to 0 compression ratio 4 years ago
vr Use -Werror in frameworks/base 5 years ago
wifi WifiManager: add call to see if apband conversion is required 4 years ago
Android.bp Fw_base - Add EdgeGesture service 4 years ago Stabilize hidden API lists 4 years ago Enforce dump permission in stats service 4 years ago
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 13 years ago
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file 10 years ago
PREUPLOAD.cfg Add presubmit hook for hidden API lists. 4 years ago Remove Support Library from frameworks/base 4 years ago